bilebante green tourist village

Come As Guest & Leave As Family

It's a nice little holiday from the small town in countryside. A nearby recreation with family, couple or friends.

Enjoy the facilities we prepare for your recreation, such as the lombok childhood snack tree, a trail of rice fields and forest on a bicycle and atv, learning to shoot darts in the palm of god, to enjoy bilebante massage, all of which we pack a good bargain.

Desa Wisata Hijau Bilebante

We welcome you with a Bilebante village style smile.

pahrul penggerak desa wisata Bilebante
Desa Wisata Hijau
Desa Wisata Hijau Bilebante
Cinta Venelove - Artis Ibu Kota di desa wisata hijau bilebante

They say About the village of Bilebante

Some testimonials from visitors to the Bilebante tourist village, we are waiting for your arrival.

testimoni sandiaga uno kemenparekraf

Sandi Uno

Minister of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Herbal drink and spa are the best

Herbal medicine and spa in the Bilebante green tourism village can be an alternative for visitors, especially welcoming the GP 2022 event, I will name it Lemon Gress tea Uno or LGT Uno

testimoni zulkiflie gubernur ntb

Bang Zul

Gubernur NTB

The Best Green Tourism Village

Bilebante village can be an alternative for traveling because the distance from the city of Mataram and the airport is relatively close to the rural atmosphere and the friendliness of the village community must be maintained

Tourism Village For You

The excitement of a vacation to the tourist village of Bilebante


let's plait closeness with family while enjoying sensasion traditional food from lombok old era.

gathering kantor seru di lombok desa wisata hijau bilebante


Office gatherings are even more exciting with a backdrop of rice fields and hills typical of Bilebante village, where you can eat Bilebante specialties at the same time

berdua romantis liburan ke desa bilebante


Makes her heart stickier by enjoying the beauty of the rice fields and forests in the village of Bilebante


Let's explore the rice fields and forests with friends by cycling or using an ATV

Excited Fishing Market on Sunday

Sunday mornings are fun with family, spouse or friends to go to the Fishing market, enjoy local food in the middle of the Bilebante forest while listening to your favorite songs.

Playing bicycles in the middle of rice fields with Mount Rinjani in the background

Bored of cycling in the middle of the city? Come on, try the exciting bicycle path in the middle of the rice fields with views of Mount Rinjani. There are 3 choices of bicycle paths that you can choose from 3 Km and 4 Km for beginners to 8 Km for intermediate levels.

It's fun to explore the rice fields and forests with an ATV

You don't need to sweat to enjoy the beauty of Bilebante village, you can enjoy the rice fields and forests using an ATV, either alone or together (1 ATV can be 2 people).

Feel the Bilebante spa style massage on the edge of the rice fields

Don't be surprised if our residents' massages are like luxury massages, because we are specially trained by the Marta Tilaar team to make sure you get a comfortable and refreshing massage.

Paket Dulang, Makan Begibung Ala Bilebante

It's not complete to the village of Bilebante without eating traditional food.

Feel the delicacy of traditional Bilebante food complete with a serving of tempoe doloe.

The excitement of Cooking Class at the Bilebante Tourism Village

The excitement of the cooking class was that there were a lot of people, building friendship in making herbal medicine in the style of Bilebante village

It's even more exciting because the cooking class is held in a plantation atmosphere at the Fishing Market

The Excitement of Staying at the Bilebante Tourism Village Homestay

Make your vacation even more exciting by staying at a Bilebante homestay

The homestay we have prepared is a resident's house which we have transformed into a comfortable lodging

The cool air and the hospitality of the villagers are ready to make your vacation even more memorable

Exciting Vacation in Bilebante Village

See the holiday excitement in the green tourist village of Bilebante

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Frequently asked questions

There are lots of people asking about the Bilebante tourist village, maybe this is your question too

Where is the village of Bilebante located?

Bilebante Green Tourism Village is located in Pringgarata District, Central Lombok district, for details please click on Google Maps below

What recreation is there in Bilebante Village?

As a place of recreation, we have many interesting activities that can be done with family, friends or office gatherings such as bicycles, traveling around the village with buggies, riding ATVs, cooking classes, etc.

What days is the Fishing market open?

Pasar Pancingan is open every day, only for live music and the main entertainment is held on Sundays

bilebante green tourist village

Bilebante Green Tourism Village is located in Pringgarata District, district. Central Lombok postal code 83562